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Absentee Line  763-213-8531

Attendance Information

Regular attendance to school directly relates to success in academic work, benefits students socially, provides opportunity for important communication between teacher and student, and establishes regular habits of dependability that is important to the future of the student.

Student’s Responsibility

It is the student’s responsibility to be in school. It is also the student’s responsibility to attend all classes regularly and to follow correct procedures when absent from school. Student’s are responsible to check their weekly attendance report on Infinite Campus and take corrective action. This may include bringing in a note that is necessary to excuse an absence. Or to call a parent/guardian to get an absence excused.

Parent/Guardian Responsibility

It is the parent/guardian responsibility to notify the school regarding why your student was absent. Additionally, it is the parent/guardian responsibility to encourage regular school attendance.

School’s Responsibility

It is the school responsibility to encourage students to attend all classes. It is also the school’s responsibility to inform the student’s parent/guardian of the student’s attendance and to work cooperatively with the parent/guardian and the student to develop acceptable patterns.

Infinite Campus

This is a web-based grading program that allows parents the opportunity to view their student’s attendance, grades, and transcripts (grades 7-12) from any Internet location. Parents may also elect to receive attendance alerts via email through Infinite Campus. Parents can sign up for Infinite Campus with Marika Hendricks at 763-753-7158.


A student will be considered absent when a student is missing from school for any part of a day.

Excused absences (needs to be verified)

Examples of excused absences are illness, medical appointments, religious holidays, death in the family, home emergencies, weather conditions etc. Prearranged family trips and vacations. 

The school may require medical verification for excessive absences.

Unexcused absences

All absences not school authorized and not verified by parents/guardians are considered unexcused. 7 days or more are considered serious and a letter is sent out, or medical excuses may be required.


Truancy is an unexcused absence from school. When a student is truant for 3 days, a letter is sent home notifying parents/guardians of the truancy. On the 4th truancy, the student is referred to a TIPS meeting with a county official. Students who are truant 7 or more times during the school year will be referred to the Juvenile Corrections Department for their county. One unexcused hour of absence is counted as a truancy.

Parents/Guardians are required to call the Middle School absence line 763-213-8531 the morning of the absence. 

Leaving during the school day

Students are not allowed to leave school premises during the school day unless prior permission is granted by office staff or by the health office.

To obtain a pass to leave the building during the day for non-medical reasons, a student must bring written permission from a parent/guardian to the office stating the reason for leaving, who is picking them up, and the time of departure. In regards to Orthodontic appointments student’s may walk to their appointments. Please have the student come to the office when they arrive off the bus to get a permit to leave the building. A note is required each time stating the student may walk to this appointment.  A phone call from a parent/guardian is also permitted. If a student who leaves the building without permission during school hours is truant. 

Student’s are not allowed to text home if they are feeling ill to have a parent/guardian pick them up. It must be handled through the health office. Failure to do so is an unexcused absence.

Prearranged Absences

Students must bring a note signed by a parent/guardian stating the reason and dates of the planned absence to the office. All work must be completed at the discretion of each classroom teacher.

Parent/Guardian Notification of Absences

Parents/Guardians may be notified daily by an automated telephone and/or email alerts (Infinite Campus) if their student was absent from any class period. 

Tardy Policy

Students are expected to be in their assigned seat/area when each class begins. A tardy is recorded for any student who is late to any class/lunch. Tardies accumulate through the trimester. Tardies return to 0 at the beginning to a new Trimester. Continued tardiness results in disciplinary consequences assigned by the building principals. 

Homework Requests

Homework requests will be fulfilled when a student is absent three consecutive days. Contact the office
(763-213-8500) when you are requesting homework.

Make up work

Students are required to make up all assignments missed due to an absence. Students are allowed 1 day for each day of absences to complete the assignments. Students who are absent from class for support groups, music sectionals, or another school activity are expected to have class assignments completed when that class meets next.